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Novi Sad, SremskiKarlovci, Palić lake
Novi Sad, the capital of Vojvodina, is the second largest city in Serbia. Situated 75km north of Belgrade, highway E 75 takes you there in only an hour. Unlike most metropolises in Europe, the pace here is slow and stress free. Freedom Square features the 19th century neo-gothic Roman Catholic Cathedral, name after the Virgin Mary. Petrovaradin Fortress is the city’s most popular and attractive cultural and historic site. Beautifully perched on a high cliff, the fortress overlooks the Danube. The Austrians originally built it as a military fort to reinforce their defenses against the Ottomans, but nowadays it is famous by the EXIT festival... More about this destination

National park Fruška Gora, Vrdnik, SremskaMitrovica
Fruška Gora is a mountain in north Srem, situated 87km from Belgrade. Referred to as jewel of Serbia, due to its beautiful landscape protection area, nature and its picturesque countryside. Fruška Gora is one of 5 Serbian national parks. The slopes of Fruška Gora are perfectly suited for growing grape arbors and there are many wine-makers... More about this destination

Silver lake, National park Đerdap, Golubac
Silver Lake is a U-shaped lake along the right Danube bank,situated 110km from Belgrade, in eastern Serbia. The water is clear due to the lack of pollution and the natural filtration of the water through many sand dunes.The lake has been a popular holiday and fishing destination for decades, but recently experienced visitor's boom, attracting tourists from all over Serbia. The lake has one hotel (Srebrnojezero)... More about this destination

Topola, Bukovička spa, Aranđelovac
Topola is a town and municipality situated in the Šumadija region of Serbia, approximately 80km away from Belgrade. Known for being the place where Karađorđe, a Serbian revolutionary, was chosen as the leader of the First Serbian Uprising against the Ottoman Empire in 1804.Although the Uprising was originally planned and constructed in the nearby town of Orašac. The Church of the Holy Mother (CrkvaPresveteBogorodice), also known as the Karadjordje’s Church, is sturdy and rustic. Perched high above Topola on Oplenac Hill, the Karadjordjevic family mausoleum and St. George Church (CrkvaSv, Djordja) complex is one of the most historic sites in this part of Sumadija (Šumadija). Make sure to visit the summer residence of the Karadjordjevic dynasty (Peter’s House). Today, the residence is a museum, which features exhibits about the reign of this dynasty... More about this destination

Valjevo, Divčibare
Valjevois situated in western Serbia less than 100 kilometers to the southwest of Belgrade. The relatively favorable geographic position on important highway roads and proximity to potential emitting markets, the wealth of cultural heritage in a relatively small space, incorporation of cultural wealth in tourist attractive natural areas, a large number of monasteries and relics of two saints, as well as events related to national history made it possible for Valjevo be distinctive as an authentic tourist destination... More about this destination

Zaječar, Negotin, Bor, Majdanpek
Zaječar is the largest town in eastern Serbia, located about 240km from Belgrade. Widely known through the rock music festival Gitarijadatht lasts for 49 years. Zajecar brewery is one of the oldest in Serbia. Although the beer production started as far back as 1875, official business started in 1895, when the industrial production of beer began. Near Zajecar is located one of the most beautiful spas in Serbia - Sokobanja.Well-known tourist destination for recreation, and especially spa tourism. It lies between the Carpathian and Balkan mountainsRtanj and Ozren. Sokobanja is usually connected with the famous medieval city - Soko Grad... More about this destination

Kopaonik, Jošanička Spa, ĐavoljaVaroš, Kruševac, Vrnjačka Spa
Kopaonik(also known as Silver Mountain) is the highest mountain range in Serbia, 280km away from Belgrade. One part of it is protected area under the name National Park Kopaonik in which are found a number of protected natural areas, and therein lays the biggest ski resort in Serbia. Its highest peak is Pancic peak with 2017m asl. which contains the mausoleum of the famous Serbian scientist after whom it was named JosifPančić... More about this destination

Raška region, Kraljevo, Maglič, Mataruška Spa
Raška region is a geographic area in southwestern Serbia, which was named after the eponymous river. In a broader sense, the term Raska refers to the whole area of southwestern Serbia, which in the Middle Ages belonged to the Raska state. In the area of Raska started Serbian national idea and was created the first Serbian state organization under Prince Vlastimir(9th century). In Ras, Serbian capital at that time, on whose foundation lies today in Novi Pazar, ruled the Grand Prefect Stefan Nemanja. In Raska region are located a lot of monasteries such as Studenica, ĐurđeviStupovi... More about this destination

Šargan Eight, Drvengrad
Šarganskaosmica (Šargan Eight) is the name of the museum and tourist railway, Mokra Gora - Šargan Vitas "Serbian Railways", reconstructed sections of the former railway Uzice - Visegrad - Sarajevo, which runs the museum train "Nostalgia", in the summer season from April to October and in winter from 25 December to 25 January. During the summer season it transports on average about 70 thousand tourists. In just an hour, the train passes through 22 tunnels and over five bridges, and the railway overcomes the difference in altitude and the ascent of 300 meters. Not far from the station Mokra Gora is located a film village in the ethnic style of the renowned film director Emir Kusturica called Drvengrad overlooking the station and the railway of Šargan Eight. On the route of the museum train ŠarganEight is possible to stay for several days because within the railway stationsare found the accommodation and catering facilities... More about this destination